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Norbert Bartos

Hello! I'm Norbert Bartos.

I help you to transform the product vision into real solutions for your customers.

As a Frontend Web Developer I collaborate with you or with your team to convert complex needs to user centric and future proof web applications using modern tools.

Experiences and my previous responsibilities

Transforming and improving the parts of the product vision into real features in agile way using mostly the latest technologies have resulted a product what the client`s customers expected to have.

Related skills:

.React..Typescript..CSS in JS..State management concepts..REST services..Gatsby..Kanban / Scrum.
I configured strict rules for the code review process: including build, lint, test coverage check steps. With these rules the team has produced well tested quality code and has made the released application more reliable.

Related skills:

.Azure DevOps..CI / CD setup..Jest / Unit testing..Webpack.
Identifying the optimal tools for the project. The decisions resulted a maintainable and understandable codebase for the new team members and for junior developers which was important for the future improvements in mind. Yes, I am fan of the KISS principle.

Related skills:

.React..React Hooks..GraphQL..Redux.




State management concepts

REST services


Kanban / Scrum

Azure DevOps

CI / CD setup

Jest / Unit testing


React Hooks



Project management

Team guidance

Remote work

People management


Managing and leading the team of software developers worked on the different part of the project. I oversaw the full lifecycle of the project and my soft skills have improved.

Related skills:

.Project management..Team guidance..Remote work.
Interviewing new Frontend developer candidates and participating in the onboarding flow by offering “get to know” lunch. I have made lot of friends during these meals ;-) .

Related skills:

.People management..Mentoring.


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